The Dancing Grandmothers

I just finished reading a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

It is called *The Dancing Grandmothers. To BE Young While Old, Old While Young.*
She gives such a powerful and beautiful Tree-analogy in it.
I try to translate a bit of it:
She says, even when a tree gets cut down, 
after a while in most cases it will have new sprouts. 
Coming out of the roots which are hidden beneath the Earth.
In this (daughter)sprouts the tree will live on. 
She claims that every woman has a guardian deep within (roots), 
which no matter what happens to the woman is available and can be activated.
Sorry, I can't do it better in English.
Anyway, it was very encouraging to read the book.



  1. Dear Yvonne,
    Thanks for sharing, I received every word!!

  2. It rehearts me of the tree in my yard that was cut down several weeks ago... and already it sprouts its new shoots!!

  3. Whow!!!!! Made my day! Thanks for sharing that, I often thought of that tree since you told about it.

  4. Dear Yvi,

    You reminded me of a simple line drawing I had around 20 years ago, but moved house often and it went the way of all forms..

    It was of a tree stump, with an axe stuck in it, and from the end of the axe handle, leaves had begun to sprout... the remembered life-force of the tree had traveled through the head of the axe, and flowed up into the handle...

    No pressure, dear Yvi, but if you should ever feel inspired by this image, I'd love to see your interpretation. : - )

  5. Heyho Abi, what a strong picture!
    I'll try my very best :o)
    let's see when the sprouts materialize on the paper ...

  6. Where can I buy this book for my friend??? I only have it i german but for fine-tuning mother-tounge is needed I think.
    Thank very much for all advices


  7. Hi Anna, I'm not sure if, in english, the title is the same... here is a link to Sounds True, that lists Clarissa's work... The Dangerous Old Woman series is mostly on cd.

    When I searched at Sounds True for "the dancing grandmothers" it showed 'The Joyous Body'....


    I highly recommend listening to Clarissa speak... tell her stories, because hearing her, touches very deeply within our heart.

  8. Here is a painting by Yvonne that beautifully illustrates the essence of her post: