the end of the old world

perhaps someone tells someone that they are deeply sorry for the way it had to be
even though, it had to be this way
it is nice if someone recognizes something about it
that lets someone know, they understand
what no longer needs to be understood


Divine Feminine/Happy Mother Earth Day

The seed of feminity
is ready to grow
To start its activity
just let it flow
Its manner is calm, smooth and healing
it gets its strength from deep within
You don’t need to force it
there’s nothing to “do”
it naturally happens
just be willing to.


Passive dynamic

The nature of the Feminine
can't be explained
It is slumbering in each being
female or male
Ready to get fertilized
when you are receptive
Then like a fetus
taking its own time to grow
Bringing the Divine into the world
when it is mature

Just be willing to be the vessel