Life = Love

the body is in All That Is

the heart is in the body

and Is
 connected to All of Life


melding hearts

in truth/reality We forgive every human for its 'history' and current unconsciousness, insanity... from Now, the space of Being

forgiveness is inherent in every human

forgiveness is not a thought or action... it is uncovered in the heart of your Being

forgiveness is the recognition that who We truly are is Love, Itself
(only the mind has been the "barrier" to this awareness)

through the awareness of what is unconscious... Our True freedom of Heart is expressed

There is always a paradox for the mind in understanding how the various facets of the diamond are unique, yet inextricably merged in the radiance of the One Crystal of Consciousness

because it cannot be understood with the mind... it is felt through the heart space

there is an essential nature within every female and within every male, that in a sense of speaking... is embraced and re-discovered in this awakening... and this aspect of embodiment or unfoldment is beautifull

It is a doorway in to Meeting the True Self; "having a heart to heart for the first time" !

it is through this meeting that the 'divine feminine and the divine masculine' merge

In this way, We are all able to meet through the Heart of Divine Awareness... face to face, hand in hand, heart to heart

~  ~


Photo Art by Catrin; words through :Doreen

I did a little investigation in to the words, that I have heard in my heart

always has been, always will be

and discovered that this phrase is, also, coming from 

Grandma Moses
Anna Mary Robertson Moses  1860-1961

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."

"An extraordinary story: a hard-working farm woman bears ten children, raises the five that survive, and does heavy farm work until age 70, when she turns to painting pictures for 30 more years."



3 years later...Mama is coming home!!

Living like we ain’t got no mama
by Julie Daley on March 25, 2008

"One of my favorite songs is the BLACK EYED PEAS' Where Is The Love?

It’s a great song to dance to, run to and simply to listen to. The lyrics are powerful.

As I listen to the song, the two lines that keep grabbing my awareness are:

What’s wrong with the world, mama
People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas

I love this description of people’s behavior today. There is so much violence, greed, pettiness, fear, distrust, lack of love…you name it, it seems as though the collective Ego is fighting for dear life to hang on in this time and sea of change. While there is much to smile about in this world, the line

People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas

keeps ringing in my ears. What does it mean to live like we ain’t got no mama? What popped into my head is the stark clarity of what has happened as a result of the suppression of the Sacred Feminine.

In his very-popular current book, A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle speaks of the shunning of the Sacred Feminine that began centuries ago, and that has been internalized by humans to a degree, some lesser, some more. The Sacred Feminine was ‘rendered powerless’ through the developing male ego, and in time, became internalized in all humans to some degree.

What we see now is a world gone mad because it is out of balance. The Big Mama, the Sacred Feminine, has been silenced and put into darkness. The world has run amuck without a mama to keep balance with the Sacred Masculine.

When I hear this line, I realized it’s like we all know Mama is missing, but we don’t know where to find her.

But she is here…right here. She never left. We simply put her away into the dark recesses of our psyches so that we could stay alive.

We, as women, are more of the body and the earth, and less identified with our minds. As Tolle says, 'Because the ego was never as deeply rooted in woman, it is losing its hold on women more quickly than on men.' (pg 157)

What would our world be like if we let the Mama, and our own Sacred Feminine mama within, out again? How might we be different? How might the world be different? How might men change? How might our children grow up to see gender and love differently?

by Marite

What if you were to begin to trust your own Sacred Feminine nature and the body in which She lives and breathes?"