Freude Pur - Joyful Being: Liebend sein

Freude Pur - Joyful Being: Liebend sein: "It is not that our deepest longing goes to being loved.It is that our deepest longing goes to be loving. *** Es ist nicht, dass unser tiefst..."


Heart transmission

Every single human being is born on this planet as the embodiment of Love, Itself

as You Are liberation
You remember this

Love flows throughout all endeavors,
as a human being You are an effortless endeavor of Love...simply by the mere fact of your existence

.. [all thoughts about 'ANYTHING'...are figments of the dream][every label, every definition, every word!]...LOL!!Heart


through Love

what I accept, in myself, is a heart that

mourns, through intuition, for the unconscious enslavement of women by the egoic collective patriarchy...(loosening its grip, as we speak)
the knowing
that everyone Is 
equal, in the Heart
Yet, this voice of the feminine, that resides in each being...
arises to be shared in clarity

heart to heart...

with words, without words...
it comes...it transmits