~ and don't forget to Dance!!

Sri Anandamayi Ma

Sri Anandamayi Ma pulses the Word of Absolute Love through her ...

"As you love your own body, so regard everyone as equal to your own body ...
 Call it a bird, an insect, an animal or a man, call it by any name you please, one serves one's own Self in every one of them."


One with the Dance

"Do not wait for the music of tomorrow to make you sway.
 Tomorrow never comes.
 The dance has to be now… here… to the song of this very moment."

 - Isira


A Herstory Lesson

Weaver of Tides

in the west, Woman has been conditioned to believe that menopause is an illness or disease...

that this Passage-Way is an "ending" rather than a "beginning"

when, in truth, it is the greatest time of Opening for Woman, to receive the Power of Our True Nature

Open to Receive Our Heart's Freedom

weaver of tides

The Clarion Call of Love is heard

this one's the woman


About the 'virgin' Mary and Mary, the partner of Jesus

The true 'idea' of virgin is:
Innocence/Love... in the sense that everything we Are and do in our lives is born of innocence/Love...at our Core.

This essential part of each person is always here, and functioning... only... the egoic mind obscures our inherently "pure" intentions.
[pure, in this sense, has not anything to do with judgment or morality...both being only concepts of the mind]
[in truth there is no such thing, as an "intention".... ever!  We are following our Heart's compass, that directs us, with each step... intuitively...only the mind tells us otherwise]

I see Mother Mary/Daughter Mary Magdalene... to be the combination of the Silent teaching... balancing the Father /Son Jesus teaching to be:
the *Voice of the Silent way of Allow*

 [seems like a contradiction to the way that women have been treated throughout  history...this 'idea' of Silence... in fact it is the power withIn the Silence that I point to...we cannot continue to fight against a system that has never 'included' us, as women... for we have truly been enslaved for centuries by the egoic collective consciousness, yet, our true Heart, is opening wider to dissolve this unconscious state of the master] [our knowing, on this, breaks through and shatters the noise of the mind... to  sheer  Power of Love, Itself... the essence of which we are floating IN!!...Love is not something we find or give...  _We Are It!_  ]

In other words, also, the Mary(s) are Enlightened Beings...Equal to Jesus [+ his connection to the Father/Mother god...(certainly, Jesus knew this)

the removal of this teaching has been by way of the egoic suppression of these truths, in favor of controlling the masses...albeit with "semi-conscious" unconsciousness...lol

The removal of the Mother essence from the Father god...

Recognizing the Her, as also, Lover... the representation of the Sacred marriage withIN each of Us.

The removal  WAS :
Mary(Magdalene) as Lover with Jesus as Lover...
the Trinity is essentially Mother/Father(True Heart), Mary as(mother/Lover) + Jesus as (father/Lover)...on either side of the Heart
[are You confused yet?

Simply...feminine nature + masculine nature...
Our Feminine Nature has been deeply suppressed in everyone (both male and female)...

women, through living in a female body, have the greater opportunity to be Aware of Her...and no need, what-so-ever...to strengthen the masculine nature...we have learned it _very well_  ]

The Divine Unity of Feminine and Masculine withIn Us All
[our masculine and feminine natures merge, in awareness...come in to balance, so to speak, in true recognition]

We Are All Equal with Jesus, and Now, We Bring "Back" Mary, so to speak... to balance the True Teaching (available to everyone through the Heart)

(Every Heart points to the same Truth!)

[...Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) brings True Love to the world as an enlightened Female... and the nature of Touch... imparting transformation in the Hug]


Voice from the Heart: New Feminism

Voice from the Heart: New Feminism: all people are (were) * born in to the masculinist conditioning, not anyone’s personal fault… *[" (were)"...as the paradigm shift is happ...


Adrienne’s Song

There is a cruel voice in everyone’s head.
Today mine is lip syncing that I should not
weep for the loss of a hero.
After all, technically, I did not know her.
We shared no heritage, we barely ever met.
But since when was it true that the only way
to know someone was by blood or proximity?
Some souls courageously write their lives in words
And thus teach us all how to be.
Their life is their art, as much as art is their life.
This is how we come to know them.
a resonance of souls, connecting, harmonizing
a common language beyond words and form.
It is no dream.
They speak of something deep and dear
And when you are still enough or quiet enough
Their rhythm becomes a part of you and you joyfully dance.
My beloved Adrienne,
I wonder if you know how many souls you set in motion
How many bodies sway, gyrate, tap, swirl, and swing
to the music you elevated. The music you gifted us.
Though for many years your own crooked and pained frame
hobbled on hard paths, you set the world free,
indeed you birthed us all
and allowed us to begin dancing.
I owe you my world and for this I am eternally grateful.
That is why I weep for this loss.
And to the hardened voice that would disparage this feeling,
I offer this space, this dulcet silence,
this stillness, these salty tears,
Whose phrasing you shaped AR, with your own powerful breath and
which can easily hold all, the cacophony, the immense depth of
my gratitude and the raw grief for losing a soul whose beautiful, haunting
and rousing music helped conduct the tempo and sweet melody of this life.

An Ode to Adrienne Rich, Feminist Poet, Author, Essayist – and one of my supreme heroes. She died March 27, 2012.


It is the Crow Calling Love---the Nature of Love...of Who You Are
It may start out sounding faintly, and gradually over time (as we have known time to be)
Over time, the Call Increases
You can't even think about why you would be thinking this
The Knowing comes back on-line
to bring In this Awareness of Your Essential Being

You discover, You uncover that Your True Nature has been "hiding" up until Now



I ask you to stop,
please, I implore you, stop.
Do not lean forward into that next
moment which will never give more
than what you have in this very one.
What you most desire in your
depths is an unflinching, steadfast partner.
Be still and feel. She,life, is always dancing you.
What is it that scares you so much about being here, now
that you are willing to bleed her away
in exchange for a false promise to the kingdom's keys,
in which you already live.

You run away from the very one that would fulfill you.
Instead, allow her to seep into your marrow,
every cell, every fiber.
Let her grab hold of your heart and dazzle you with her beauty
the crunch-crackle of the breakfast cereal;
the slippery aromatic wetness of lathered soap and water;
the cold breath puffing like a billowy cloud from pursed lips;
common, crystal clear and magical communication to colleauges across vast global distances;
A night sky so capacious its starry limits unimaginable;
a heart pounding; a yellow flower; a brown apple core; a siren;
the broken, smelly trash bag spilling its contents on the rain soaked ground;
heaping pyramids of tires, discarded, used up, black, springy, round;
the drone of cafeteria voices afar;
the sturdiness and earthy pine of a wooden seat underneath.
a sadness, an elation, a squeeze.
It is all embraced by love, by life.
her miracles are myriad,
infinite in fact.
Just stop and
open your senses.
What is here right now
is so much more than enough.
for a
listen to
her radiant