To know this does not require study,
for years, a psychology of the brain
or reading a thousand books to help a self
that was never there to begin with
or even, for a seeking “me” that is spiritual,
meditation in a cave for a score of years.
No, nothing you could ever do or say
would bring you one iota closer to it
and it would never leave or go one micrometer further,
no matter what happened.
Even though this can be covered like a shade that mutes the sun
always the light shines even when it cannot be seen.
This, does not ever seek to control. It simply is not interested
Why would it be? What is, is infinitely more satisfying
and therein lies its ultimate power,
the mysterious power of pure potential. The birthplace of creation.
It can be contacted. It can be touched. It is you.
But is you without all the things that you call you.
Naked, transparent and gleaming.
Ironically, the entryway requires complete surrender. Total oblivion.
When all that you thought you were is removed, what is left?
That is what enters
What once seemed so solid, substantive and real
What drove actions and viewpoints and even our foothold in the world
Loosens, relaxes and unmoors itself
What is feels unendingly open, porous and vast
and out shines light and breath and nothingness.
This, is an unknowing, a deep stillness, a wide open space
in which the cosmos itself unfolds moment by moment.
Be still and embrace infinity.

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