Rocks are cool

Rocks are cool. They’re solid, weighted, colorful, textured, and unique. Rocks are vessels. As humans we can use them for many purposes. Think about how many different uses and fascinations we apply to them. Some days we’re obsessed with collecting beautiful stones on the beach. Other days we’re pissed off by the rough pebbly ground that’s hurting our feet. Rocks can be gigantic (See my Petra picture) but they can also be teeny like grains of sand (I have a desert picture to post soon).

Last night I stood outside and threw medium sized drainage system rocks at a giant boulder-ish rock while I cried and stomped around. I transformed those rocks into an expression of anger that allowed me to  own my own feelings and not give space in my being to the influence of other people or sources. Throwing rocks was not about punishing myself or anyone else. It was about finding a way to simultaneously let go of and own a feeling purely for the purpose of myself and no one else.

While those rocks were left behind when I walked away, I’ve found that other rocks are for keeping. Today when I was thinking about my drainage rocks I thought about the small blue and white rock that’s been sitting in the potted plant by my window for most of the year. I received this rock from a very special friend of mine right before my birthday, not quite a year ago. He slipped the rock into my hand right before saying goodbye for the summer and through sentiment transformed it into a symbol of things he couldn’t have possibly put in my hand. It’s my very own symbol of our love, friendship, and transition. A token to take with me both for the sake of memories of a meaningful experience as well as a reminder of the lasting connection in our relationship.

I like rocks because they come from the Earth and they are full of possibilities.
Some rocks are for letting go of, others are for keeping- all are transformations- gifts that the earth gives us to use for whatever we might need.

~written by Maia Gibbons


  1. I have loved this Doreen... :). I like rocks too... Since always I felt a strong pull towards rocks; I liked them so much that I did a PhD in Physical geography lol!. Many years after that I noticed one day that rocks are just there, being... being the space for whatever happens. And is that "being" which makes them to look so majestatic. So now when I appreciate the beauty of the color, the texture, the shape, or the composition of a rock, that rock "pays me back" working as a deep pointer ;).

    Thanks for this post, really. Rocks in this beautiful planet and myself, feel deeply grateful to you for it :))))

  2. Hi Isa!

    Me too, with rocks...I just love them!... This was written by my 19 year-old daughter! Cool huh?!!
    Yes, what a wonderfull pointer!

    Gratefull to be able to share with everyone!! ((((:

  3. Beautiful daughter yes... :))))