melding hearts

in truth/reality We forgive every human for its 'history' and current unconsciousness, insanity... from Now, the space of Being

forgiveness is inherent in every human

forgiveness is not a thought or action... it is uncovered in the heart of your Being

forgiveness is the recognition that who We truly are is Love, Itself
(only the mind has been the "barrier" to this awareness)

through the awareness of what is unconscious... Our True freedom of Heart is expressed

There is always a paradox for the mind in understanding how the various facets of the diamond are unique, yet inextricably merged in the radiance of the One Crystal of Consciousness

because it cannot be understood with the mind... it is felt through the heart space

there is an essential nature within every female and within every male, that in a sense of speaking... is embraced and re-discovered in this awakening... and this aspect of embodiment or unfoldment is beautifull

It is a doorway in to Meeting the True Self; "having a heart to heart for the first time" !

it is through this meeting that the 'divine feminine and the divine masculine' merge

In this way, We are all able to meet through the Heart of Divine Awareness... face to face, hand in hand, heart to heart

~  ~


  1. Interesting thoughts.... Just discovered your blog tonight! I was on google doing a search on Leirvik, which is the surname of my friends husband, and your blog showed up. Is your surname of Scandinavian heritage???

    Regards, Tove (Norway)

  2. Very cool!! One of the contributors of this blog has the last name Leirvik. You can see her profile here.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a note!
    :Doreen (Connors)

  3. Doreen, I like the way this is expressed; whenever I have commented on uniqueness of expression I have always seen this simultaneously infinitely connected and inseparable from the One.

  4. Thank You for sharing, Michaelle!...Love seeing You in the Infinite Oneness!