Riding Her Dragon

the collective conditioning runs
so deep,
that many women have not realized that they have a "different voice" (check out: Carol Gilligan, author of 'In a Different Voice'

one woman 
(a poem with some notes on this writing that comes through "doreen")

i imagine today if more women’s hearts had been expressed (or viewed) in the past, through their art…imagine the centuries that missed out on this

{a reflection that comes through, noting that the condition of the past, where women were rarely recognized/honored for their contribution to society...(in ANY form)...just a fact of the matter}

[an example....the right to vote: from new zealand first giving this right to women in 1893...1902 australia, finland 1906, uk 1918 (for those, aged "30"), usa 1920, france 1944...(to name a few... majority of countries in the mid- twentieth century...up to Saudi Arabia with no vote for women]

of course, we cannot imagine the past or the future… in truth... [cos there exists only now]
there are no ‘what ifs’... no ifs ands or buts…In deed!!

[in other words, there is no arguing with what happens, and there is no searching for the future, cos it just doesn't exist, simply....]

there is another truth that exists, right here, right now... anything is possible..
the past is changed, and the future never comes

this heart is expressed in the fullness of its magnitude which is limitless
...in this moment

[the vision of endless possibilities is both contained in the present, and expressed from this moment....without having to project in to the 'future' that never comes]

['what' unfolds is a beautiful turning of the world in to right-side upness....one human being at a time... it can only happen this way... both one at a time/all together...]

clear seeing comes through... of 'how' the collective conditioning 'caused' both suffering and awakening

in a sense it comes through in stages... the personal conditioning dissolving on its own, first, then the 'person' experiences the dissolution of the collective 'egoic' conditioning based on the break down (over the centuries) of the patriarchical mind that suppressed the expression from the heart

Indeed! this is all about True Equality for all Beings!...
feeling through the heart what no longer serves...
exposing the mind's deepest lie
finding this truth in the core of the Heart


  1. You are right my fellow female! Kudos!

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