The Dancing Grandmothers

I just finished reading a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

It is called *The Dancing Grandmothers. To BE Young While Old, Old While Young.*
She gives such a powerful and beautiful Tree-analogy in it.
I try to translate a bit of it:
She says, even when a tree gets cut down, 
after a while in most cases it will have new sprouts. 
Coming out of the roots which are hidden beneath the Earth.
In this (daughter)sprouts the tree will live on. 
She claims that every woman has a guardian deep within (roots), 
which no matter what happens to the woman is available and can be activated.
Sorry, I can't do it better in English.
Anyway, it was very encouraging to read the book.



Why It Is Wise to Worship a Woman

***quote from

The Translucent View the musings of Arjuna Ardagh

Why It Is Wise to Worship a Woman

 ....Somewhere around the second wall from the center, she casts the veils of her personality aside, and shows you that she is both a human being and also a portal into something much greater than that. She shows you a wrath that is not hers, but all women’s. She shows you a patience that is also universal. She shows you her wisdom. At this point you start to experience the archetypes of women, who have been portrayed as gods and goddesses and mythological figures in every tradition....

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Peace and Love,





Chipmunk Limerick

I watched a chipmunk scurry
He looked to be in a hurry
I watched him go from tree to bush
And while he seemed to be in a rush
wherever he went, he was free.


Flame of Truth

You can take it all, burn it up,
no longer is it needed.
a name, a place, a job, a life,
an anchor to something solid.
I am nothing and no one
Fire of truth consume me
I rest in peace,
in this there is contentment.

Once I looked for myself in things accomplished
I searched day in and out for completion by task
not knowing I was always there.
To discover a deeper knowing by standing still
is to arrive home once and for all.

In a broken world that asks us to do so much
In a world where breakneck paces speed us along unconsciously
I am content to remain quietly in place,
and with rended heart simply notice what is.
my contribution is different now
And if by some action I relieve suffering and lay claim
to some grand accomplishment
just laugh and remind me that infirmity shall retire me also

Surrender is the only true wisdom.


the Inspiration that flows throughOut


 as the Valley 'continues' to Open...
Valley merges with Mountain

In to Infinity...
Life Is
 that You have complete ownership of Your body
and, at the same time,
oneness with everyone
Love fills every molecule 
Every Space

thank You, Kim Eng, Eckhart Tolle, and everyone
the "new" collective consciousness arising on the planet 


this is a space to share whatever You feel for
....anything at all
no boundaries
I practice 'loving what is'
I can no longer associate words with 'meaning'
what comes is feeling of knowing... "I am You, too"
It is truly love-ly
"try" it

a dear friend wrote these words:
"I am You in a different form"