New Feminism

all people are(were)* born in to the masculinist conditioning, not anyone’s personal fault…
*["(were)"...as the paradigm shift is happening Now!]

We wake up to the ‘new feminism’...one person at a time…(woman goes first, so to speak, as she has been unconsciously enslaved in and by a mindset that has never heard her…clearly…until now
(really!  You have to see that this is the way it 'has been'... We Wake Up to this knowing)


[we are ‘hard-pressed’ to remember the women artists, philosophers, mothers and daughters, grandmothers…throughout written history]
{this is merely a fact of the way It Is...for unknown reasons, that are revealing themselves in Our present unfoldment}

the mis-understanding of feminism in recent history:
women don’t need to become equal to men… truly, what it is, is:
men “needing” to recognize that his history…is just that…. his story….

As women We feel Our equality, from withIn… it is there, all ready
For men, as their hearts become connected to their genitals, can feel this truth, as well….
he gets, in touch, with his feminism, from withIn… and We, as women, allow the collective pain within each man, to come to the surface…

NOT to dry his tears…. allow them to flood the earth…freedom IS, In the Heart
each person, waking up to the Truth of Equality…”free at last
[thus, the external world is changing]

Thank You so much for listening!!
THIS is deep withIn my Being… this is the absolute mission of who I am… knowing that all barriers, constriction, restriction, suppression, oppression, competition, hierarchy, etc…dissolves in absolute Equality for all Beings through Love, unconditioned Love

Our Intuition Is peeling back the layers of conditioning…they lift off much faster, now.. through each person for the collective, (like a chain reaction…breaking the chain, yet weaving us together…after centuries of being imprisoned by the mind) ...so subtle… We realize a whole new world exists withIn Our hearts, yet as it is revealed, We recognize or remember it immediately!!! Our True Freedom is right here, right now!!
In OneLove


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