The Dangerous Old Woman

The Dangerous Old Woman
a 2 - part podcast, Clarissa Pinkola Estés interviewed by Tami Simon of Sounds True

the most important thing I have ever heard for
the All of Our Life
this day, is a marker of utter significance
the Earth shifted Her Inner Axis, ... In Us All

(Abi sent me the link)
(photo from azdesertdad) 

azdesertdad wrote this:
SO, You "think" you are to old to BLOOM HUH?.....think again...here is the PROOF....the Saguaro Cactus below is in our backyard. She moved in with us when we moved to Arizona 6 years ago...we named her PEACE.  She is thought to be approximately 70 years old...and she had yet to BLOOM...until NOW...today she let loose in all her glory...Her VERY first bloom....she is truly a Dangerous Old Woman who is Blooming brightly....It's never to late to BLOOM, "time" means nothing to a Blooming Dangerous Old Woman, (or man) HA! Introducing "PEACE" in full Bloom!!!!