Florian Schlosser, 'Consciousness and Relationships'

this interview on Conscious TV....HAS to been watched!!!!!


  1. Yeeeeeesssss! :-) Thx!

  2. And:
    Florian Schlosser asks: "How could we know, which of the trillions of experiences of the past was the traumatic, that happened to break the circuit?"

    There is a wonderful tool called APPLIED KINESIOLGY, which works via muscle testing (the body speaks!) exactly with these kind of broken circuits. And if we use age recession in AK the body tells us at which poit in the past and at which experienece the break happened. He also tells us, what we need at that point to fix it.
    The tools the body chooses (via muscle testing) are often tools, a baby wood have chosen: FOOD, HUGS, ATTENTION. TLC. If we gve that in an age recession to the client even just as imagination, the so aclled trauma heals and the circuit is stabil afterwards.
    Kinesiologocaly spoken: Body-Mind integrity is back!

    The other question is: do we NEED to use that, or stay just in presence and give the old mis-feeling in its actual form space?

    Love and Light to you all,

  3. Interesting Laurion! that You bring up this topic of muscle testing... cos recently I have felt to 'revive' the usage of this tool...otherwise, I find my mind gets activated toward looking outside of 'myself' for healing the body. Your post gives me more inspiration to completely listen to the "body" (or vibration) on EVERYTHING...so to speak. And this is aided in the space of Now!! As to your question... it seems that we can stay in presence, and perhaps the 'need' to label the feeling disappears...and yet, the 'healing' *is also* presence...LOL!

    IN Love,
    XOXO :D

  4. Dear Doreen,
    Yes, haven´t used my AK tools either for a while because my mind gets so attached to them, and to the brought up stories because of fascination...Ha! :-))))
    But on the other hand there is nothing bad in fascination as long as we are conscious anough to step back again and say thank you for the amusing story..right?

    I agree, that what ever comes up can be held in the light of PRESENCE and be healed. If we are able to it, and get used to it, it is even easier than AK.

    For my clients I will try both next time.

    Thanks for playing on it.

    Laurion *:-)