A Miraculous Love

Riding Her Dragon

the collective conditioning runs
so deep,
that many women have not realized that they have a "different voice" (check out: Carol Gilligan, author of 'In a Different Voice'

one woman 
(a poem with some notes on this writing that comes through "doreen")

i imagine today if more women’s hearts had been expressed (or viewed) in the past, through their art…imagine the centuries that missed out on this

{a reflection that comes through, noting that the condition of the past, where women were rarely recognized/honored for their contribution to society...(in ANY form)...just a fact of the matter}

[an example....the right to vote: from new zealand first giving this right to women in 1893...1902 australia, finland 1906, uk 1918 (for those, aged "30"), usa 1920, france 1944...(to name a few... majority of countries in the mid- twentieth century...up to Saudi Arabia with no vote for women]

of course, we cannot imagine the past or the future… in truth... [cos there exists only now]
there are no ‘what ifs’... no ifs ands or buts…In deed!!

[in other words, there is no arguing with what happens, and there is no searching for the future, cos it just doesn't exist, simply....]

there is another truth that exists, right here, right now... anything is possible..
the past is changed, and the future never comes

this heart is expressed in the fullness of its magnitude which is limitless
...in this moment

[the vision of endless possibilities is both contained in the present, and expressed from this moment....without having to project in to the 'future' that never comes]

['what' unfolds is a beautiful turning of the world in to right-side upness....one human being at a time... it can only happen this way... both one at a time/all together...]

clear seeing comes through... of 'how' the collective conditioning 'caused' both suffering and awakening

in a sense it comes through in stages... the personal conditioning dissolving on its own, first, then the 'person' experiences the dissolution of the collective 'egoic' conditioning based on the break down (over the centuries) of the patriarchical mind that suppressed the expression from the heart

Indeed! this is all about True Equality for all Beings!...
feeling through the heart what no longer serves...
exposing the mind's deepest lie
finding this truth in the core of the Heart


an excerpt from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

  ~*~   The suppression of the female principle especially over the past two thousand years has enabled the ego to gain absolute supremacy in the collective human psyche.   Although women have egos, of course, the ego can take root and grow more easily in the male form than in the female. This is because women are less mind-identified than men.   They are more in touch with the inner body and the intelligence of the organism where the intuitive faculties originate.   The female form is less rigidly encapsulated than the male, has greater openness and sensitivity toward other life-forms, and is more attuned to the natural world.

  ~*~  If the balance between male and female energies had not been destroyed on our planet, the ego's growth would have been greatly curtailed.   We would not have declared war on nature, and we would not be so completely alienated from our BEing.

  ~*~   Nobody knows the exact figure because records were not kept, but it seems certain that during the three-hundred-year period between three and five million women were tortured and killed by the "Holy Inquisition," an institution founded by the Roman Catholic Church to suppress heresy.   It was enough for a woman to show a love for animals, walk alone in the woods, or gather medicinal plants to be branded a witch, then tortured and burned at the stake.   The sacred feminine was declared demonic, and an entire dimension largely disappeared from human experience.    Other cultures and religions, such as Judaism, Islam, and even Buddhism, also suppressed the female dimension, although in a less violent way.   Women's status was reduced to being child bearers and men's property. Males who denied the feminine even within themselves were now running the world, a world that was totally out of balance.   The rest is history or rather a case of insanity.

  ~*~   Who was responsible for this fear of the feminine that could only be described as acute collective paranoia?

We could say:  Of course, men were responsible.    But then why in many ancient pre-Christian civilizations such as the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Celtic were women respected and the feminine principle not feared but revered? What is it that suddenly made men feel threatened by the female?  The evolving ego in them.  It knew it could gain full control of our planet only through the male form, and to do so, it had to render the female powerless.

  ~*~   We now have a situation in which the suppression of the feminine has become internalized, even in most women. The sacred feminine, because it is suppressed, is felt by many women as emotional pain.   In fact, it has become part of their pain-body, together with the accumulated pain suffered by women over millenia through childbirth, rape, slavery,
torture, and violent death.

  ~*~   But things are changing rapidly now.   With many people becoming more conscious, the ego is losing its hold on the human mind.   Because the ego was never as deeply rooted in woman, it is losing its hold on women more quickly than on men.

I am not speaking of Exclusion www.gangaji.org

Disengaging from past patterns www.neelam.org



Today, I am a tree.

My long, gangly limbs arc upwards and embrace the heavens

my roots spiral down into the dark, damp, dirt

a ganglia of a million beautifully tangled connections.

I am here because you breathed life into me. We are one.

Yesterday, I was a mighty Peregrine gliding on tufts of swirling air and wind

I targeted my meal below in the grassy marshes.

Now I am that struggling pregnant woman on the train, face lit with discomfort

as I am forced to stand "on my own two feet" even after a too

long 16 hour shift at Sal's Cafe. No one will handout his seat

and Icannot afford another mouth to feed.

I have been the pith on the inside of the lemon

and the filament in the bulb in your Grandma Ednda's attic.

I have seen worlds conquered and galaxies born.

As a snowflake, I once melted into my place exactly as fate demanded

As a rock, I held my ground for a thousand years till the rain and

sun and wind relieved me of my guard.

You know of which I speak - for we are both forged from the

particles of stars. In this blessed here - there is no other,

the whole universe has conspired to create this very moment.

I am - because you are, as if there's any difference.

This is the ground in which all else arises.

Where did I learn that the boundary of "me" ceased

at my skin, or my gender, or my race, country, species or even my thoughts.

Perhaps I did so because it seemed easier to indulge the lie then to steadily face

the immense pain and sorrow of my helplessness when confronted by the horrors of

of a world swalllowed by its own starvation, avarice, war, murder, and rape.

But really there is only an ounce of difference between true helplessness and surrender

which is where the freedome lies.

And so, tomorrow I am the leaf -- seduced at twilight by

the gentle wind into one final dance that lays me upon the altar of myself.

Twirl me where you will. I am given over in love and it rends my heart into an

infinity of nothingness that will once again nourish this

tree of life.

"Sunrise over India" by Catrin

photo art by Catrin; words through :Doreen